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Free Opera Night at Domain!

I haven't updated the blog for a long time....

At the City in Sydney, there is a park which called "Domain" where is in Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Many free events are on there. e.g Christmas concert, Ner Year concert ,,, etc.
We went to see a free opera this time.

Week before was a classic concert was on.

This free opera was totally FREE! To get good position to sit,,, you need to go before other people come....First come, first served...

Free Opera Free Opera2
The event starts at 7:30 pm,,, so we went to there at 6:30pm...
The place was already full, it was difficult to find the space to sit for four people.

I recommend to you,,,, bring the picnic dinner and go earliest as possible... if you go to free events like this.

Local people know what happening, so they bring picnic dinner, wine and low chair for the event,,,, I assumed they came to there from the daytime and kept the good position...

Opera we saw was....

I forgot the title of Opera,,,, but it was Pucchini's opera!

Where we sat was very far from the stage,,, and couldn't see the actors so much.
BUT! we could enjoy with big screen at the ide of the stage. The subtitle was on the screen. (The opera was played with Italian...)


If you see it at the opera house, you may pay $70 at least... I mean the cheapest seat.

Also that seat, you cannot see the subtitle,,,, so this free opera event is good chance to try Opera if you are not sure you like to see opera.

是非、次の機会にお試しください!Please try it next time! 

ここで、無料イベントの内容が探せます☆ You can find the free event information.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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クリスマスの日に、ボンダイビーチに行った後、私たちが結婚式を挙げた教会を見に行ってみました。結婚式を挙げたのは3年前。もう、ずいぶん昔のことに思いますが、まだ3年しかたっていません・・・ 教会を探すのがとっても大変でした☆ シドニーであげるなら、海が見える教会でないとヤダという、妙なこだわりを私が持っていたからです。教会を探すのに2ヶ月位。。。海沿いを、あーでもない、こーでもないと走り回る週末を過ごしたのを覚えています。また、海沿いに教会があっても、宗派が違うと受け付けてくれません。アー駄目だ、モー駄目だ、と何週間も何件も回りました。そして、見つけたのがここです☆
After we went to Bondi Beach on Christmas Day, we went to see the church which we got married three years ago. I remember that looking for a particular church was so hard..... I wanted to get married at the churhc that we could see the sea. We drove along the sea side many weeks and finally found one that we liked. Why we had a trouble find the church?  Actually there are many churches along the sea side, but if your denomination of the church is different to the church, they refuse to let us use the church, or pay alot of money.
Little Bay War Memorial Chapel, Little Bay, NSW, Australia.

Front of the church, there is Stained glass. When the light coming inside, these glasses are shinning nicely. Also it was on the cliff, so you can see the sea in fornt.

こんな感じです☆ Like this☆
The cost was small, but the location was so nice. I think we chose the best church for us.
Church.jpg church3.jpg
ラベル:結婚 結婚式 教会
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A Happy New Year!!

A Happy New Year! We welcome Year 2009 in Blue Mountains. And we went to bush walking and took this flower's picture on New Year's day!
kkbara.jpg kkbara2.jpg
We had stayed friend's holiday house from New Year's Eve, and Kookburra was the first Australian animal I saw in 2009.
jarra.jpg jarra2.jpg
友人宅のジャラちゃんです☆ 私たちが、ブッシュウォーキングへ行く準備をしていると、自分も玄関前まで行き待機しています。でも、ワンちゃんは入れないオーストラリアのナショナルパーク。残念ながら、お家でお父さんとお留守番です。
Friend's pet dog, JARRAH. (sorry, I don't know spelling...) While we were getting ready to go for bush walking, JARRAH was waiting at the front door. She wanted to go with us, but the dog cannot enter the national park.... so she has to wait at home.
laulacascadejpg.jpg stair.jpg
There are many bush walking routes. But we chose Prince Henry Walk on that day. Starting point was Leula Cascade and finishing point was Echo point which you can see famous Three Sisters. It was about 3 km walking distance.
clif.jpg waterfall.jpg
こんな崖や、こんな滝がゴールまでの道のりの中で見れます☆ 意外と多くの展望コーナーがありました。
You can see the clif and waterfall on this route. There are many lookouts.

Here is the gate of "Three Sisters Giant Stair Way". You can go to the lookout at the Three Sisters.
stair1.jpg stair2.jpg
♪行きはよいよい、帰りは怖い〜♪ 本当に急な階段です。どっちがどっちだか分からないかもしれませんがわーい(嬉しい顔) 左側の写真が「行き」で下っている所を撮った写真です。そして、右側の写真が「帰り」でこれから上って帰る前に撮った写真です・・・
The stairs are so steep. Left hand side picture was taken when I was going down. Right hand side picture was taken before I going up the stairs...
bulu.jpg buluma.jpg
展望台まで行くと、こんな感じの景色が! These pictures were taken at lookout at the Three Sisters.
The top of Three sisters are like this....
The end of bush walking, we looked at the Three Sisters. Because you can see in Blue at the far back of the mountains it was called Blue Mountains. Can you see in Blue???
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